Greetings !!

At dyne, we’re working relentlessly to democratize the power of computing. We’ve built an open source, multiplatform, tiny, secure, virtual machine for cryptography and blockchain interop. It’s called Zenroom. Part of the philosophy behind it is to empower people who know what to do with data, not only the developers and domain experts. To achieve this, it leverages Zencode which allows them to write and review business logic and data-sensitive operations without learning to code. Like this:

But really what it can do is:

  • Hashes and signatures (ecdsa, eddsa, Schnorr)
  • Quantum-proof crypto (Dilithium, Kyber, NTRU)
  • Homomorphic crypto on BLS381
  • Interop with Bitcoin and EVM
  • Support most widely used curves
  • Runs on any platform and in the browser
  • No-code programmabiliy using an English-like DSL

We just released v4.0.0 and are always interested in more engaging use cases.

Therefor i’d like to extend you an invitation to a webinar this Friday, November 3rd at 4:30pm UTC+1

You can “signup” here: (basically a calendar .ics)

If you are uncomfortable with Zoom, please know that the video feed will be relayed to our Peertube channel and you will be able to ask questions in the Matrix chat.

Hoping that i’m not breaking any rules of this community and to see you there i send you all warm regards from planet dyne.

edit: removed emoji from title